What's on the map?


To fire a bullet from a gun with the
intention of killing or wounding
another individual.


The intentional striking or
hitting of another person with
the intent to hurt or injure.


The taking and or use of another’s property without that person’s permission or consent.

Property Damage

The intentional, malicious and deliberate damage of another’s property or things. i.e Arson, Vandalism,

Sexual Assault

Sexual act against another person, forcible and/or against will, or against someone incapable of giving consent.

Hate Crime

Any behavior motivated by hate based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation,
ethnicity/national origin and/or disability. Depending on the nature of the actions
the case can be either criminal or non-criminal but in 
each case
must be reported as a Clery Act Category Offense.

Could you be a victim of a hate crime? No, it’s not impossible – it can happen to anyone. There’s someone out there who, motivated by prejudice or intolerance, may seek you out because of your national origin, ethnicity, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability. Hate crimes are on the rise and the FBI considers it one of their highest priorities because people who commit these crimes are likely people who preach hatred, potentially planting the seeds of homeland terrorism.

RedZone Map is the only source of this information in an on-demand geospatial format. The proprietary software advises where and when these crimes have occurred. Seeing is believing.