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RedZone Map has partnered with the data analytics company Helios and Matheson. We are in the business of big data, and that data delivers a whole suite of revolutionary technologies that include sentiment analysis, perceptual awareness, and self-learning artificial intelligence.

The effect of such technology is a limitless suite of products and services that include, navigation, predicting and forecasting society’s behavior, and an intelligent companion that is always looking out for your well-being.

“Being able to do things in real time makes people think differently about the problem.”

– Andreas Weigend

The Product

  • The first-to-market, fastest-growing mobile crime data navigation application, and the only known platform combining real-time crime data, historical law enforcement data, news and information, along with social media and social listening, all in a free and easy to use iOS and Android phone application.
  • Features the Safe Route™ technology for the user, but more than that, it offers business enterprise solutions essential to a myriad of industries including trucking and delivery, hospitality, real estate, insurance and global travel, to name a few.
  • RedZone Map harnesses HMAI’s artificial intelligence and deep learning technology to augment the GPS locating and geo-spatial recognition to enhance its visual data presentation, the combination of which provides an unrivaled application with significant competitive advantage and  relevance.

Vast Data Sources

1,500 resources spanning the U.S. and covering more than 1,250 cities


Local, state and national law enforcement agencies

Private Enterprise

Security firms that monitor local neighborhoods and communities

Traditional Media

TV, radio, & print

Global Press

Associated Press organizations with confirmed sources

Social Media

Social media including Facebook and Twitter

Active Users

Vetted first-hand reports direct from active users

“Society expects a new way to interact with the world. We deliver it.”

HMNY’s “Best-in-Class” platform for data extraction utilizes web crawlers, sniffers, voice recognition, social media search, human interaction and listening, and other sophisticated technologies to deliver the world’s best crime data base to RedZone Map’s application


Never been done before and needed worldwide

First to Market

First product in navigation, mapping & social media combined


Innovative and useful to anyone globally with a pc or mobile device


Crime, hotspots, and personal safety is on everyone’s mind